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Don’t waste your time creating a doctor’s note for work or school. Use our free collection of editable and printable doctors notes that you can customize to your needs.

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  • Change the doctor’s name and address.
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  • Add the purpose of the excuse note (work, school, etc).
  • Free to edit and download.
  • Edit with Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

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Common Questions

Yes. You can download and edit each note template for free instantly. No registration is required.

Each note template is available in three formats: Word, PDF or as an image. If you want to customize the note then select the Word format.

Open the note in Word. Click on the dummy logo and then click on “Change image”. Select your logo from your PC.

First, save the note on your PC and then print it from there.

No! If you want to use any content from this site on any other website then please link back to this site.

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